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ModuPRO Pros (M200)

Modularized typodont for use with multiple disciplines allowing flexibility for faculty and streamlining of examinations. Model comes with 28 M200 teeth.


ModuPRO Pros Refill Kit

The ModuPRO Pros Refill Kit conveniently fits onto your existing magnetic Carrier Trays. Kit includes all six pros modules (Carrier Trays not Included).


ModuPRO Pros Modules

Hard-gum modules with pre-installed metal strip and M200 teeth ready to attach to your magnetic Carrier Tray.


Replacement Teeth

All 28 ModuPRO Pros M200 Series teeth can be individually replaced. Teeth are intended to fit the same as the tooth that was installed with your original ModuPRO Pros model.


Root Plugs

Various root plug options to replicate an edentulous site. Can also be used to make various Kennedy placements for RPD labs.


Videos & Resources

Instructional resources for products related to ModuPRO Pros.

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