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Dental Simulator
The first haptic and VR dental training simulator to offer full immersion.
View Virteasy in action
Virteasy dental simulators train students and professionals on the necessary skills to perform patient treatments.  View Virteasy Brochure (.pdf)
Classroom Functionality
Virteasy Editor - a program for creating and modifying simulation exercises. Works with STL, PLY and DICOM formats for digital dentistry with intraoral and CT patient specific integrations.
Virteasy Assistant - A full learning and management system (LMS) to control and manage training programs for real-time and off-line usage.
Acadental is at the forefront of dental education, and we have a passion for creating a better future in this industry. Today, the best schools are competing for the finest students, and they expect technology to be incorporated into the curriculum and to learn in advanced ways. Acadental has pioneered many products that have become the gold standard in dental education and can help incorporate virtual learning in your curriculum.