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Carry the classroom with you
Teo is the first fully immersive dental training program in the metaverse matching the models employed in top dental schools worldwide. See, touch, and measure in virtual reality with haptic feedback, and carry the classroom with you.
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Instructor Point of View
Imagine doing a demonstration and all students can see exactly how you see the dentition. Now, have a student take over and demonstrate the same procedure in front of you in two different locations. Learning is accelerated with Teo Point of View.
Standardize the why in dental education
Many students know how to make an access or a preparation, but they all may not know why it is done a certain way. As an instructor, teaching in virtual reality with the latest haptic technology allows all students to quickly learn why specific armamentarium is used and practice the technique repeatedly.

Once the core concepts are grasped virtually, students will have the muscle memory to handle more challenges put in front of them in the preclinical lab or the clinic resulting in less faculty involvement.
Acadental is at the forefront of dental education, and we have a passion for creating a better future in this industry. Today, the best schools are competing for the finest students, and they expect technology to be incorporated into the curriculum and to learn in advanced ways. Acadental has pioneered many products that have become the gold standard in dental education and can help incorporate virtual learning in your curriculum.