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About Acadental

With a philosophy of making better dental professionals, Acadental innovates state-of-the-art dental education products for use in dental curriculums worldwide.

Our goal is to remain ahead of emerging technologies to provide the absolute latest tools and resources for dental education.

Dental curriculums can now simplify to one platform: ModuPRO. A wide array of preclinical hands-on courses, including dental anatomy, operative, fixed, implant, perio, pedo, and endo can be standardized on the magnetic ModuPRO. The introduction of the ModuPRO Endo and Real-T Endo in the early 2000's had a revolutionary impact on how endodontics is taught in undergraduate courses.

ACA Dental ModuPRO One Dental Education Products, Dental Schools, Dental UniversitiesToday Acadental provides the widest range of endodontic teaching tools, such as the Real-T Endo, Endo 3DP, and X2 Endo replica teeth that may be placed into the ModuPRO Endo for total endo simulation. The ModuPRO Dental Hygiene model is the first ever model with probe-able gums, realistic gingiva, and removable calculus to provide students outstanding training prior to treating patients.

We offer digital solutions that allow students to view our products through digital means, such as the free ToothView app, illustrating the ModuPRO One and Pedo in stunning 3D rendering with full internal and external characteristics of primary and permanent teeth. Acadental is in the central US and can promptly meet the needs of all US dental programs in a timely manner; increasingly important for exams and practicals.

We look forward to supporting your teaching initiatives.

Products are available directly from Acadental or via the following distributors worldwide:

  • Hofmeester (Netherlands)
  • Melat Dental Trading (Saudi Arabia/UAE)
  • MS Dental AG (Switzerland)
  • Patterson Dental (USA)
  • Schein (USA)
  • Schein/Minerva Dental (UK)
  • Technomedics (Norway)
  • Ultimate Dental/Endoco (USA)
  • Quality Endodontic Distributors (UK)
  • HealthCare Dynamics (Kuwait)
For more information about our brands, including ModuPRO, Real-T Endo, and Endo 3DP, email Products manufactured under one or more U.S. Patent Numbers: 6,520,775; 6,988,894; 7,713,063; 8,235,727; 8,277,224. Other U.S. Patents pending.