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ModuPRO Perio

Severe perio model with pre-placed calculus. Includes furcations, supra erupted teeth, and recession. Perfect for scaling and root planing.


ModuPRO Perio Refill Kit

Attach perio gums to your existing magnetic Carrier Tray. ModuPRO Perio gums with anatomical roots and furcations can be used for scaling and root planing. All teeth come with simulated calculus and are completely replaceable.


ModuPRO Perio Soft Gingiva

ModuPRO Perio replacement soft-gum base. Ready for installation of M500 Series teeth. Available in both pink and clear gingiva.


ModuPRO Perio Replacement Teeth with SimCalc™

Replacement teeth for ModuPRO Perio with pre- applied SimCalc™.



SimCalc™ for application of simulated calculus to Dental Hygiene/Perio teeth. Tactile sensation intended to be similar to that of real calculus. Allows the end user to apply calculus to the exact area in which they plan to scale.



Instructional Resources for ModuPRO Perio