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ModuPRO One

Precision restorative typodont with soft-gum that is now the standard for preclinical operative and fixed lab courses. Each arch attaches magnetically to the Carrier Trays. The ModuPRO One model comes with M300 Series teeth for teaching everything from tooth anatomy to various preparations.

Replacement ModuPRO One gums

ModuPRO One replacement soft-gums. Each arch sold separately.

ModuPRO One Refill Kit

The ModuPRO One Refill Kit conveniently fits onto your existing magnetic Carrier Trays. Kit includes upper and lower ModuPRO One soft gums, all 32 M300 teeth, magnetic plate, and screwdriver.

Replacement Teeth

All 32 ModuPRO One M300 Series teeth can be individually replaced. Teeth are intended to fit the same as the tooth that was installed with your original ModuPRO One model.

RTX Caries Teeth

Elevate your learning of operative dentistry with the RTX Caries teeth. RTX teeth have enamel that is hard and cuts like enamel and dentin that looks and feels like dentin. Integral pulp structures are incorporated to learn pulpal avoidance/protection techniques. RTX caries have realistic and penetrable tugback with an explorer. Compatible only with the ModuPRO One.

Root Plugs

Various root plug options to replicate an edentulous site. Can also be used to make various Kennedy placements for RPD labs.

Videos & Resources

Instructional resources for products related to ModuPRO One.

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