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Wide range of accessories for the ModuPRO product line. Including magnetic Carrier Tray and articulator.

CheckMate and CheckMate One

Evaluate crown prep reductions with uniform results. Excellent for standardized grading. CheckMate for ModuPRO Pros and CheckMate One for ModuPRO One (Maxillary arches only).


The revolutionary anodized aluminum ModuPRO adjustable articulator with lateral and protrusive movement.

MPX Transfer Kit for
Hanau WideVue

Outstanding way to seamlessly utilize the ModuPRO One in your Hanau WideVue articulator.

Oral Cavity Cover

Simulate retraction of lips and cheeks, as well as the use of water, when the adjustable articulator is attached to the ModuPRO.

Videos & Resources

Instructional resources for Acadental Accessories.

ModuPRO MPX Transfer Kit for Hanau WideVue
CheckMate One Instructions (ModuPRO One)
CheckMate Instructions (ModuPRO Pros)